Village Immerse

From the beginning, Village Church has strived to be an outlet for training and equipping young potential pastors and high-level ministry leaders. We believe that this is best done in holding to the excellence of seminary training, while maintaining a focus on practical hands-on ministry experience. In doing so, Village Church has partnered with Fellowship Pacific in providing a fully accredited Masters of Divinity program for those who have the call to vocational ministry. Unlike traditional seminary, this graduate level program is structured to provide theological and ministry training as a fluid experience, almost entirely in the context of the local church. Students will be immersed in a variety of ministry responsibilities including teaching, counselling, coordinating events and leading initiatives. As well, they will be surrounded by a three-person mentoring team, featuring an academic expert, a pastoral mentor from Village Church, and a networking mentor from Fellowship Pacific. Together this team will work to direct, assess, and encourage the student. Ultimately, the goal of Village Immerse is to produce quality leaders with the confidence and tools to serve and love the local church well. Village Immerse is a unique opportunity to combine high level theological academics with practical ministry training in the context of the mission, vision and values of Village Church.


How is the program structured?

Students will need to complete 27 Ministry Leadership Outcomes (MLO) to graduate. Each MLO contains a variety of assignments and projects that are required to show mastery of the specific MLO. The three program mentors will interact with the student's work to assess the completion of the MLO.

Is there the same academic expectation as traditional seminary?

Yes, Village Immerse requires the same amount of graduate level reading, writing and engagement as you would find in any seminary. However, the program puts a slightly higher emphasis on applicable and practical ministry assignments.

What are the admission requirements?

Completion of an undergraduate degree or equivalent.

Who is the degree granting body?

Students admitted to the Village Immerse program become students of Northwest Baptist Seminary who in turn grant the degree.

What is the hourly expectation?

30 hours/week.

How long is the program?

Three years (including summer semesters).

Are there any traditional classes included in the program?

Yes, throughout the four years, students will be required to attend 16 instructional seminars.

What do the specific MLOs and assignments look like?

You can find all of the information about the MLOs and assignments in our student handbook here.

How much does it cost?

Through the generous support of Fellowship Pacific and its partner agencies, the costs of Village Immerse has been made very affordable. While a traditional seminary tuition in Canada can average $10,000 per year, Village Immerse costs a student $4,000 per year.

What level of accreditation is the program?

This program has been vetted to the highest standard by The Association of Theological Schools, the premiere accrediting body for theological schools in North America.

How do I apply?

Show your interest by applying here. Village Church will then interview candidates and the top selections will be invited to the Immerse Assessment weekend. If approved, students will then be accepted into the program for September 2018.

When is the application deadline?

May 30, 2018.


If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Victor Maynard at