Marriage Prep Mentors

Interested in being a mentor? The marriage prep course needs a married couple to mentor each couple through the course.

What do the classes look like? 
You and the young couple you mentor will sit at a table, and together take in a 30 minute ‘Big Idea’ talk. After the talk, using a leaders’ guidebook, you will facilitate an informal discussion revolving around that day’s talk. Each class is about 75 – 90 minutes long.

When are the classes? 
It's a 6-week class.

What are the requirements to mentor?
Are you a church member who’s been married for 10+ years and willing to talk to couples about your ups and downs?  The real key is to be able to talk honestly with couples about your journey (the good and the bad), and be willing to talk to them about things you see in their relationship.

What are some possible next steps?
You could also talk to any marriage mentors that you may know and get their feedback. Consider coming to a Marriage Mentor’s training session to get a better idea of what the role entails. Please talk and pray with your spouse, and let us know your interest by emailing your site pastor.