Village School of Ministry

The Village School of Ministry is an accredited* one year program (Sept-April) that develops young leaders. The program has four major goals: spiritual formation, ministry and leadership training, theological confidence and Christ centred community.

The structure of the program consists of a combination of classes taught by Village Church pastors and leaders and practical ministry experience in the form of placements in specific ministry departments. The Village School of Ministry Student Program is a 20 hr/week requirement. This breaks down to approximately 8 hrs of class time, 5 hrs of personal development time and 7 hrs of ministry placement. Students are encouraged to work no more than 20 hrs/week of outside employment.

As part of the Intern Program students will complete eight classes throughout their year. These classes are as follows:

Biblical Interpretation 
Spiritual Formation
Systematic Theology 101
The Book of Genesis
The Apologetics  
Leadership Foundations
Systematic Theology 102
The Epistles



 Victor Maynard, Director of VillageU & Immerse

 Jeremy Johnson, Executive Pastor, Sites & Communications  

 Josh Kruse, Pastor of Care & Counselling  

Ministry Placement
Students will also be placed in a specific ministry department in order to gain ministry experience and develop practical skills working under the direction of Village Church Pastors and Directors.

General Track
For most of our students, the general track provides a balanced hands-on training experience in the ministry role. A student will serve 8-10 hours in their ministry role, working closely with their leaders and learning practical tools in their ministry of choice. 

Advance Track
The advance track gives more attention to the student’s ministry role. It is for those who sense a strong call to ministry and want to commit more time and responsibility to their experience at the Village School of Ministry. Students will have the opportunity to be in a ministry mentorship with their leaders, given more responsibility to lead and further resources for training. A student in an advance track will serve 12-16 hours in their ministry role. This track will require an interview and approval with the ministry leader.

Church Community Intern
Student Ministry Intern
Communications Intern
Young Adults Ministry Intern
Production Intern
Worship Arts Intern
Local Missions Intern
Village Kids Intern

Personal Development
In addition to classes and ministry placements, the Village School of Ministry offers students opportunities for deeper personal growth and development through the following:

Bi-Weekly Mentorship Triads
Monthly Community Nights
Morning Connect Sessions
A Winter Retreat
A Short-Term Global Mission Trip

Tuition and Books | $2500
Short Term Global Mission Trip | $1500-2000
Non-refundable Deposit | $100 due by July 20

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If you have any questions, email program director, Victor Maynard, at 

*Accreditation with Columbia Bible College: 7 credits (Spiritual Formation (3), Bible/Theology Elective (3), Service Practicum (1)); Accreditation with Pacific Life Bible College: 9 credits (Spiritual Formation I (3), Evangelism Strategies (3), Bible/Theology Elective (3).


Our 2017/18 Students