4 Changes Coming to Village Youth Launching January 2018!

11.09.17 | Mission, Village Youth | by Village Church

    In order to reach our city and nation, we need to reach our youth. They are the next leaders, parents, and influencers. We are excited about some new ways we are going to engage our youth, their parents and their friends like never before. Here are some of the changes we will be rolling out:

    1. Location based

    This January we will be launching both Surrey and Langley Youth ministries so that more students can engage and invite their friends. We believe they will also establish deeper relationships with friends they actually live closer to and attend school with. This will also help parents by providing shorter transportation times as our reach continues to grow all across the Lower Mainland. 

    2. Jr. and Sr. Youth Expressions

    It is difficult for a junior student and a senior student to feel comfortable in the same environment. They are also at such different stages in their lives that they need teaching and experiences that are specific to them. That is why we will be launching unique experiences for each age group starting this January.

    We are also excited to welcome Daniel Sandison as our new Youth Associate focused on junior youth, and because of his experience and training, he is the perfect guy to focus in on engaging our junior students at a high level.

    3. Worship Experience

    For some of our students, our current youth night is really exciting! But for many others, it can be overwhelming and intimidating. That is why we are going to create a more meaningful experience starting this January that focuses on engagement and connection. In addition, we will also hold once a month Friday youth nights that look and feel more like our current format in order to engage students with others from the region so that they feel a part of the amazing things God is doing in our cities. 

    4. Parent Connection

    We recognize that a youth ministry isn't just made up of the students, it's also made up of the parents. That's why we are going to be offering opportunities for parents to be involved in the ministry through intentional leader mentorship and opportunities to serve. What better way could there be to make an impact than to invest in the lives and development of the young leaders who lead your students? 

    Also, in order to keep parents in the loop on what is going on and how to plug in, we will be starting a regular communication directly to parents. 

    If you would like to sign up to receive regular updates, click the button below. If you have students in both age groups, please sign up for both.

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