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    Risk Everything: Stories

    04.03.18 | Stories | by Village Church

    Edwin & Maria One night, after finishing his Freedom Session homework Edwin looked at his wife Maria and told her, “we need to stop being afraid and trust God because he is in control.” Up until that point, they didn’t...

      Village Q&A: Alex

      08.25.17 | Stories | by Village Church

      We continue to hear stories from people who have done Freedom Session and experienced huge life transformation. But those stories aren't just about people who had big overt struggles. The stories often feature people who were going through...

        There's Nothing Like Being a Dad

        06.16.17 | Stories | by Village Church

        We wanted to hear from a dad this Father's Day. So we reached out to Ryan Stare, who baptized one of his daughters at our most recent baptisms. This is what he had to say: The conversation with Sophie about baptism actually began during Church...

          Village Stories: Caitlin

          06.14.17 | Stories | by Nicole Cotter

          On May 2nd, 2015, Caitlin woke up early to her phone buzzing, assuming it was her alarm to get up for spin class. Instead, it was her mom calling. “Hi Caitlin. I have something serious to tell you.” “Oh, is it Grandma?...

            Village Stories: Baptisms

            03.15.17 | Stories | by Village Church

            After our most recent baptisms on February 19, we got to talk to a few of the people who were baptized that day. Ashley, Michael, Zach, and Shawn shared a bit of their stories and why they chose to be baptized. Watch their stories...