Village 2021 Step 4: Give

10.08.17 | Mission | by Mark Clark

    Over the last few weeks, we have taken three steps as a church together. First, we prayed - asking God to speak to us about what he wanted us to give to this campaign so that this would be part of our discipleship and spiritual life. Second, we examined our larger financial situation as individuals or couples so we could give out of that to this once in a lifetime opportunity as a church (RRSPs, land, stocks, etc.). In week three we discussed how we could give generously and radically to this with those around us (spouses, friends, financial advisors, etc.). And now in this final week, it's time to begin the final step which is the actual giving itself. Next Sunday, October 15 is Pledge Day, when we pledge what God has spoken to us about giving. Giving to the project will begin that day as well and will continue until February 28, 2018. So let us know next Sunday what you are going to be giving to this project over the next few months so we can plan.

    As you can see, this project has different levels of gifts that we need as a church to hit our goal by February to buy the land. Every one of us can find ourselves on it at some level and we need to challenge ourselves to be higher on it than we may think at first blush because being stretched financially for kingdom projects like this is what it's all about, and to this point as a church we have never had to stretch. Now is that time and we are excited to see what God will do among us! 

    So, starting this week and for the next few months - it's time to GIVE! 

    You have blown me away with your generosity as a church up until this point and I know that is just going to keep going as we go forward with this project! Many people have already pledged and started giving generously to this project, so there is a ton of momentum already and I am excited to see where it will continue to go!

    Give here.