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Alpha Course: Who can you invite?

Think back to your own story of how you came to know God. It is likely woven with God using multiple people as part of your story and probably includes an invitation being extended. It could have been an invitation to coffee and a conversation, maybe it was to church? Or maybe even to Alpha? A simple invitation can go a long way and it may be the catalyst in someone’s life to their journey to faith.

So, what can hold us back from inviting someone to Alpha? 

-Our view of God is too small. We are only asked  to create the space and opportunity and trust the Holy Spirit to do the heart transformation. Alpha guests will often say it wasn’t the convincing and compelling videos and discussion, rather it was the acceptance and love they felt that had the biggest impact on them. God invites us to participate in the work he is already doing. “The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest.” Luke 10:2

-Relationships are messy and involve commitment. Inviting someone to join you for Alpha means that you will be journeying alongside them. It means committing to a longer duration of time and loving people who may not always act loveable. It will take time and energy and we often feel we don’t have the ‘space’ in our lives. But, this is the very thing we as followers of Christ have been called to.

If this is what holds you back, surrender this fear over to God. “We trust God’s power more than we trust our limitations, and we know that he never gives a command without giving the grace to perform it.” – Roseria Butterfield 

-We are afraid of a ‘no’. Be ok with having them saying ‘no’ and then keep on investing and loving them. Someone may be invited multiple times before they finally accept the invite. God’s timeline and God’s plans are often different than ours. 

-We make it a big deal. When inviting someone let them know that there is no commitment, give them the option to join the first night and then decide if they want to keep on come. Give a short explanation of the course:

“Alpha is a course that is for people of all different beliefs and world views to get together and discuss the bigger questions of life, spirituality and the Christian faith. We have dinner (or meet on Zoom), watch a short video and then discuss it. It’s a casual, relaxed night and the topics cover a number of things like “ Is there more to life than this? What is Faith? Who is Jesus? What is Prayer?” 

Practical Challenge: Take 30 seconds and ask God who he wants you to invite to join you for Alpha. Then send out the invitation. 

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