BY Mark Clark

Five Reasons You Don’t Want To Miss The Men’s Retreat

The Village Church 2016 Men’s Retreat is coming up on May 13-15 at RockRidge Canyon in Princeton.

This year Pastor Mark will be speaking all weekend on the great challenge of being men who follow Jesus in the midst of the modern world. We asked him what are the top three reasons why men should come to this weekend. He gave us five.

Why would a guy benefit from attending the Men’s Retreat this year?

1. “I think it’s one of the times in a given year where guys are able to get away and think about life, faith, family – their roles as husbands and fathers, or boyfriends or whatever – and to re-calibrate all those things in light of what God is calling them to. I think it’s an opportunity to evaluate whether they are really being the men God has called them to be or not.”

2. “The weekend is a ton of fun, which we all need to have. From the little Golf Tournament on the Friday(which I hope to win this year), to the crazy contests we have cooked up this year (hot dog eating contests, potato gun shooting, Bubble Suit Soccer, and a bunch more crazy man stuff). Bottom line, it will be fun and that’s always good for the soul.”

3. “Good opportunity to relax in one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. I am not over-exaggerating. I have been to a ton of different places in my life (India, Israel, etc.,) and RockRidge is honestly one of my favourite spots on the planet. It’s an unreal atmosphere to hang out, think, read, or do active stuff like zip-line, beach volleyball, swim all day, etc.”

4. “The teaching is focused on the very specific topic of being a man. On a normal Sunday I teach the Bible in a way that addresses a varying degree of issues, topics, challenges, etc., but on the Men’s Retreat I get the opportunity to focus specifically on what the Bible has to say to men and that has historically been huge for the guys. They go home feeling a little beat up and challenged, but encouraged, re-invigorated to focus on what God has in front of them…loving and following Jesus with more integrity and passion than they come up there with and that is huge!”

5. “God knew what he was saying when he said, “It’s not good for man to be alone.” In isolation men sin and do dumb things. The church is a community where men and women are meant to do life together. The retreat is a great time to build community and meet some people. In a church our size it’s often difficult to develop meaningful relationships, and this is one of the best opportunities in a given year for guys to do that.”