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Freedom Session is Launching this Fall

We’re excited to be launching Freedom Session at Village Calgary in September! It’s a discipleship program, and will be directed by Pastor Vinh and his wife, Laura. We asked Pastor Vinh a few questions to understand more about the program and why we’re doing it at Village Calgary.

Who is Freedom Session for?

VINH: Freedom Session is for everyone, skeptics, new Christians and those who grew up in the church. At Village Church, Freedom Session is a normative part of your discipleship journey with over 1600 people across all our sites already having graduated from this program over the last four years.

What is Freedom Session?

VINH: Freedom Session is a place to explore painful areas of your life or unhealthy behaviours that you want to gain freedom from. For many, it is an intense 21 weeks to build a closer relationship with God by inviting Him into the intimate areas of your life. Some participants who are unsure of what areas to work on in their lives give God the 21 weeks and let HIM lead them into new or further healing and freedom.

What kind of impact can you see this discipleship program having at Village Calgary? 

VINH: I see two impacts: 1. Some of our long time Christians will be much better equipped to disciple newcomers to Village Calgary. But more importantly. 2. I know we will see people free from all types of guilt, shame and past hurts. I believe it will give people the tools and the confidence to walk in the freedom that God longs for His people. I even expect the people who take on Freedom Session to get to a place of confession that is truly freeing.

I’ve previewed the first six sessions myself and done all the homework. I learned a few things about myself….things I’ve never really taken time to process. If I really think about it, spiritual maturity demands we take a second look at the disappointments in our lives, how they affect us and those we love and how satan uses them to hold us back from being all God calls us to be.

What do you think holds people back from the healing and freedom God has for them?

VINH: I think that people hold back from further healing and freedom because they really do not believe that God can deal with those deepest hurts. I also think we are all afraid to revisit those places within ourselves that cause the most pain. Since they were not dealt with in the past, we think ‘what hope can there be for the present’? For many others, there has never been a safe place to deal with the issues that plague us most. Village Calgary wants to be that place…honest, raw and authentic.

Both you and Laura have chosen to personally do the program along with all the participants. Do you know what area of your life you want to work on? What are you hoping for personally in taking Freedom Session?

VINH: The area in my life that I want to work on would be accepting responsibility. I want to know how to say sorry and to also know why I am sorry. Personally, I am looking forward to going through the mental process of Freedom Session. To dive really deep, explore my hurts and discover what it would mean to make Jesus Lord of these areas as well.

What difference do you and Laura hope this will make for you as a couple committing to do it together?

VINH: We know that going through Freedom Session together will bless and strengthen our marriage. It will give us a language to have some of the tough conversations and maybe deal with a few issues we’ve given up on. To learn how to communicate at a deeper level. I’ve heard taking Freedom Session together can take any marriage from good to great. I think it will help me have more grace with my wife, my kids and others.

What does a typical Freedom Session night look like?

VINH: It’s a 7:00pm start. We begin by watching video teaching from Pastor Ken Dyck who is the author of Freedom Session. Then we split into our small groups. Small groups are split by gender, and have about six participants and a facilitator. Small groups are one of the highlights of the program because they are one of the most authentic expressions of community you will ever experience.

Who will facilitate the small groups?

VINH: Right now, it’s just Laura and I. We need some mature, relatively emotionally healthy male and female Christians to apply to join our team. We are accepting applications right now on our website Freedom Session page. Those who apply will be taking the program while walking alongside six other people. Serving on a Freedom Session team is one of the most rewarding roles, as you get a front row seat to watch as God transforms people’s lives.

If you’re interested in learning more about being a participant or being a facilitator, join us at our Freedom Session Info Night on Sunday, July 7 at 7:00pm at the Village Calgary Ministry Centre.

Click here to let us know you’ll be at the Info Night.

If you’re interested in being a facilitator, make sure you complete the facilitator application before the info night. Click here to apply now.

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