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Jeff & Shannon Dyck

Jeff and Shannon Dyck with their 4 children, Joel, Avin, Finn and Mazzy, have been involved in ministry with the Kibaale Community Centre in Southern Uganda for the past 12 years. Jeff is the Executive Director of the project, which includes five schools with over 1500 students, 200 staff, and several community projects including a medical clinic, water projects and microloans. Shannon is involved in the sponsorship program, organizing visitors and teams, photography, and homeschooling their children!

They are passionate about running a school with high-quality Christian education in this rural and impoverished area of Uganda, seeing the students’ families benefit by the sponsorship of a child, and breaking the poverty cycle in their homes.

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Natasha Tavakoli

After serving in Perth, Australia for five years, Natasha recently came home. Her work centred on seeing God’s restoration enter those who are currently in or exiting the sex industry. Working towards the abolition of slavery locally and internationally, Natasha desires to see God’s heart, love, and freedom revealed to those in bondage.

In a ministry called ‘Priceless’ under Youth With A Mission, she got to regularly minister to women working in prostitution as well as victims of human trafficking on a local and international level. She hopes to bring awareness to the issue, understanding and change to the next generation. With a desire to serve long-term in a developing country, Natasha is preparing to make exploratory trips to assess where God is sending her next. She has always desired to be a voice for the voiceless and bring God’s truth to those in slavery!

Carlos & Veronica Carrion

The Migrant Workers Ministry exists because of the vision and passion God placed in the heart of Pastor Carlos Carrion, for introducing the Gospel to Spanish-speaking farm workers in the Delta, Surrey and Langley areas.

Pastor Carlos, his wife Veronica and a team of volunteers support these workers as they adjust to a new culture. They help with medical appointments, translation, preparing meals for the workers and organizing various outreach events throughout the year. Every request for help is considered an opportunity to build relationships and to minister to the men with the love of Christ. Another aspect of Carlos’ ministry is maintaining communication with the workers, even after they go back to their home countries. He has had the opportunity to visit workers and their families both in Guatemala and Mexico.


Forrest & Mandy

Forrest and Mandy live in the Himalayas with their daughter, Lucy and son, Finneas. They have lived there for three years and say they have many more to come. They primarily work with youth and young adults through a program that teaches values like faith, family, extravagant love, and integrity. They want to see God’s love transform lives in the Himalayas.


This family of five works with the mission organization Pioneer Bible Translators. They live in a refugee camp to translate the Bible into a minority language and share the gospel with unreached people groups. They are just beginning this process and plan to stay with the ministry until a whole Bible is translated. This process typically takes about 25 years. They love getting to work creatively to make the Scriptures accessible, especially to the illiterate population in the area.

Sarah Seage

For over 6 years, Sarah has been working alongside vulnerable families in Uganda, Africa. Some ministries she’s a part of include training youth leaders in discipleship, supporting local pastors, and offering life skills training. Sarah also helps sponsor orphans to attend school, run VBS programs at rural primary schools and support single moms through a 2nd hand dress business. She loves to serve alongside marginalized communities and works with the community on ways to sustain families during particularly tough seasons.

Her time is divided between the city of Kampala and the rural district of Kasese. This year she will be aiding the restart of a Christian school called Rwentutu in West Uganda. Sarah will function as a liaison to help strategize moving forward and expanding their reach into untouched villages offering Christian education, microfinance groups and a community clinic.


George & Janet

Closed Access Nation


Closed Access Nation


Closed Access Nation

Alexander Printis


We support missionaries serving in closed access nations. For their safety, information about them cannot be posted. To find out more, email global@thisisvillagechurch.com

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