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Greetings From Our Long-term Missionary

As a church we’ve had the amazing opportunity to walk alongside men and women who serve in countries around the globe. Our long-term missionaries serve with a variety of organizations, reaching people in remote communities, providing education, healthcare, education on human trafficking, caring for refugees, feeding the hungry, and making the good news of Jesus known. In light of your support, we want to pass along a message from one of our long-term missionaries serving in a closed access nation:

Dear praying friends,

We are so grateful to you for standing with us! Together, we co-labor with the Holy Spirit who is using a movement of leaders we represent and resource as God provides. These local leaders are God’s chosen, and an amazing blessing to work with. It’s a team that took decades to grow and form, and this movement is growing steadily by God’s power and wisdom. We send thanks on behalf of all the house church movement leaders, school principals, teachers, students, public health trainers and food distribution teams and their recipients! We personally want to thank you on behalf of the lost, the broken and bound who have only known darkness for centuries; God is at work like never before. Maybe COVID was the evil one’s plan but we know God uses what others meant for evil for His good! Thousands are finding out about Jesus through phone, Zoom and social media through our teams. Our purpose is to make more disciples for Jesus Christ. We cannot do it – He draws people. We are not able to fund it – He uses people like you. Thank you for your obedience.

In September 0f 2019, national anti-conversion and anti-gathering laws were passed with jail time and fines. Our teams stopped gathering in groups but leaders made home visits to minister to individual families and seekers and continued to see fruit. When COVID hit, food shortages crushed families. Through food relief, they have experienced the love of God and are now regularly calling our distribution teams for prayer and many have given their lives to Jesus and are growing. This has become an open door that no one can shut.

Funds have been sent to feed a total of 4935 families during the pandemic, about 1,184,400 meals. The cost to feed a family of 4 for 1 month is just $42. Each hungry family receives: 25kg flour, 10kg rice, 2kg lentils, 1kg soy nugget, 2 liters oil, 1kg salt & spices. Thank you for your support in these efforts.

Answered prayer is the number one way people are coming to faith in Jesus Christ! Psalm 65:2. One lady phoned our team asking, “Will you pray that my son will die?” D said, “We only pray for healing, deliverance, reconciliation & provision. What is happening with your son?” The mother cried, “He comes home drunk and beats me and my husband and kicks us out of the house and we have no place to stay. We are so tired and broken!” After sharing about his own mother’s experience of being freed of a demon and other miracles in his life, revealing Jesus power and goodness, D told her, “Put water and salt in a glass and I will pray over the phone,” and she obeyed. “Jesus we thank you for the power of your blood shed on the cross for sin, healing and deliverance from oppression. May this glass of salt water be as your blood shed on the cross. In Jesus name, Amen.” The son came in and found the glass of water on the table, drank it and went into his room. He did not come out for 2 days and the mom was rejoicing thinking that he had maybe died. The son did not die, rather when he came out after the 3 days, he shared about a powerful experience while he slept which made him realize that he had been horrible to his mom and dad and he was so sorry! In one day, the son experienced freedom and the family received Jesus into their hearts!

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom His favour rests!” – Luke 2:14

We praise God for you!

–NKO, closed access nation

(We support missionaries working in a variety of countries. In some cases, we have people who are in countries where we cannot share their location out of concern for their safety because traditional missionary work is restricted or banned – these we refer to as missionaries serving in “closed access nations.” It does not mean they are in a country illegally, but caution must be taken.)

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