Community Groups

All our groups are now meeting online! To receive more information about how that works, sign up for one of the Community Groups below.

Community Groups are made up of 10-20 people who meet and help carry the priorities of Village Church out of Sundays into the other six days of the week. They allow us to unpack the truths of the Bible, work through tough questions, do life together, make real friends, serve our city, and experience the gospel in ways we can’t on our own.

How to join a Community Group!

Use the map below to find a list of Community Groups that have availability and fit your preferences. Use the drop-down filters at the bottom of the map to help refine your search. Choose the Group Type, Time, and Day of the Week you’re looking for. Then, simply click on a map pin and then click the group’s More Details option, or choose from the list of groups that appear below the map. Register your interest in the group by clicking the Signup Now link and complete the form. You should hear back from the host of the Community Group you registered for within 2-3 days. This step doesn’t commit you to the group. You can meet the host(s) first on a Sunday or visit a meetup during the week before deciding.

The list of groups that appear are ones that have room for new members. If you can’t find exactly what you want, then consider a different day of the week or type of group and see what is available.

If that still does not work for you then perhaps you are a candidate to lead/host a new group of that type or day of the week.  Chances are there are others wanting the same. If so, let us know by clicking here!

If you are investigating Christianity or are a new follower of Jesus, another option to get connected is to be a part of the next Alpha Course, either as a participant or as a host. Alpha is a great opportunity to explore and discuss big questions about life and faith in a friendly and open environment.

Alternatively, consider participating or being a Facilitator in an upcoming Freedom Session course – a powerfully effective 22-week intensive discipleship program.

If you are interested in joining a Women’s Bible Study group, click here to learn more.

If none of the above works for you, let us know your request by clicking here. We can’t promise a fit for sure, but if a group becomes available, we’ll be in touch.


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