BY Mark Clark

Pastor Mark’s Heart for Uganda

We’ve sent a lot of missionaries out and supported a lot of international aid organizations, because we’ve always believed that Village Church is called to be more than just our local church.

Right now we are honing our focus in on Uganda. This year, my family and I were able to visit this amazing ministry called Kuwasha which is helping a country ravaged by HIV/AIDS and war. It’s an organization that my family has been supporting for a number of years now. So many fathers and mothers have died and left children with very little. The houses we visited where these families live are as small as a single bedroom. They walk miles to be able to get drinking water. For me to be there in person made me realize the poverty was worse than I thought.

But rather than just throw money at the problem, Kuwasha focuses on education and healthcare. In their health clinic, they help 17,000 people each year, most dealing with AIDS or malaria. In the school, the education these kids receive gives them opportunities and they stay in the country of Uganda and become leaders to help change it. Right now, Kuwasha is facing challenges in order to keep their operations functioning and they need to do some critical construction and renovations.

On August 28, 2019 the Village Church Golf Tournament is going to raise one million dollars in one day in order to rebuild the school and clinic so that they can be set up to do this amazing work for the next 35 years.

As a church, I want us all to embrace this organization, and this work being done in Uganda that is so much bigger than us. I also want us to come together to help these kids have a future in which they can receive much-needed healthcare and education. It’s a matter of getting our priorities straight and sacrificing for the kingdom and what’s really important. Find out how to get your business involved, or how you can help us with auction items and donations by visiting the tournament webpage online at: thisisvillagechurch.com/golf