David Neher

Service & Technical Producer

David was born in a small rural town where attending church twice on Sundays, once in the middle of the week for Christian Service Brigade, and again for youth group was normal. He grew up in a community that took the sabbath seriously and reserved all Sundays for worship and rest. A practice he lost during his touring days. David has professional training in Audio Engineering, Recording Arts, Business Management, and Touring and Event Planning. He worked as a professional musician and live sound reinforcement technician for many years but his main focus has always been on Jesus and his mission.

David and his wife are passionate about seeing the local church grow. Working as the Service Producer is an opportunity for him to use his experience and skills to see this happen. He has a deep desire to share the gospel, give hope, and help others experience the love and forgiveness of Christ.

David loves a good conversation and laughs over a well-marinated, good cut of beef shared with those hungry for the Word.