Tim Young

Associate Pastor, Vancouver

Tim Young has been in pastoral ministry in 5 churches in both BC and Alberta for over 23 years.  He is passionate about serving and guiding people to stretch further and move closer in God’s amazing love and plan for their lives. Over the years, he has led churches, helped revitalize dying churches, and served in various leadership roles. 

Tim has had the gift of a well-rounded education with degrees in History and Religious Education (Evangelism, Church Development). He has pursued Doctoral studies in Multicultural, Multiethnic Ministry as well.

Tim wants to see the whole family, children to parents, feel valued, respected and challenged to grow deeper in God’s amazing love. He has seen the difference quality ministry that cares for each stage of natural life has on the pulse of a church. His favourite catchphrases are ‘Let’s Try that!’ or ‘You never know how far you can fly until you spread your wings!’

Currently, Tim and Lara, his dear wife of over 18 years, live in Port Coquitlam, BC with their 2 children, Mozes and Kenja. He loves competing in family games night, cooking an eclectic mix of foods from West Coast to Asian cuisine, and sharing life with neighbours and friends.