BY Erin Wiebe

Two Schools in India

Last year the Village Church Golf Tournament raised $410,036 for two Dalit Freedom Network schools in India. Those projects are now underway!

The first project is the construction of an entirely new school building for a school that has been meeting in a rental facility since 2011. This school in the village of Rakshi currently has about 80 students and offers classes up to grade five.This year alone they enrolled 42 new students and the new building will allow the school to continue to grow. The area Rakshi is in is commonly known for Devadasi (temple prostitutes). At an early age, Devadasi are dedicated to a goddess and forced into sex slavery. They live in extreme poverty and face daily abuse. Several of the students at Rakshi School come from Devadasi affected homes. The school staff work with those students and their families to change their situation and find work for their mothers.

The second project is an expansion to an already existing school building in the village of Thimmajipet. This school is crucial to the large population of Dalit children in this area. It already has 357 students enrolled up to grade eight. They have 10 classes but only have nine classrooms to accommodate them. This expansion will provide much-needed space and allow the school to broaden the grade levels that it offers to the community.

We are so excited for both of these projects. These schools play a huge role in freeing Dalits from a life of poverty, exploitation, and slavery. Educating these kids also helps them and their families realize their worth and come to understand that they are children of God. This is why we do what we do. This is why we put on events like the golf tournament; to make lasting change for real people and spread the good news of Jesus.

This year’s golf tournament is in support of International Justice Mission, an organization that serves victims of violence throughout the developing world and works to rescue them, bring justice to their situations, and get them back on their feet physically, financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

The tournament is on Thursday, September 1, and will be open to sponsor, donate to, and register for on Sunday, April 10Click here to find out more information about the 2016 golf tournament.

You can also check out the photos from last year’s golf tournament and auction dinner here.

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