BY Nicole Cotter

Village 2021 Update: We Did It!

We did it! Or more specifically – God did it through each one of you.

We are excited to announce that the $10 million goal we had to reach by February 28 was reached and actually exceeded!

We started on this first phase of the journey in September – a lofty goal of trying to raise $10 million in only 171 days to purchase the land we needed. But it happened! It was particularly amazing to see the surge of what transpired over the final few weeks as many of you gave generously and radically. The stories are many of how God moved and worked in our lives, pushing us to new levels of sacrifice, testing our faith – all to see the mission of Jesus move forward.

Please continue to pray that things would now move quickly at the city level. As we indicated to you in the fall, the February date was based on a best-guess as to when the vendor could deliver the newly subdivided land to us. There remain some internal issues within the city that we are pushing hard to see resolved in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for updates as and when we know them.

Any surplus amount over and above the exact cost of the land+taxes will be rolled forward into the Build portion of the project which we will launch later this year.

Thank you all again for stepping up. We are truly blown away by what has been accomplished by God’s hand. To Him be all the glory and honour!

Pastor Mark

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