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What $1,000,000 for Kuwasha Will Do

At the 2019 Village Church Golf Tournament, we’ll raise $1,000,000 for our partner organization in Uganda, Kuwasha. We wanted to provide you with first-hand perspective and vision for what $1 million will make possible for Kuwasha, so we reached out to their Executive Director, Jeff Dyck, and this is what he shared with us:

“As an organization, Kuwasha is at a crossroads. We have spent 30 years caring for the most vulnerable people in our community – orphans, widows, people suffering from HIV/AIDS – but many of our facilities are no longer sufficient to continue this ministry effectively.”

Funds raised at the Golf Tournament will directly fund an expansion to our existing hospital, creating a maternity section and an HIV/AIDS clinic. We believe this will lower the cases of HIV in our community significantly, because a woman who is HIV positive and ready to give birth will now be able to come to our hospital, safely deliver her baby, and preventative medical care can be given to her newborn child to prevent them from being infected by the virus.

A new water collection facility will be installed, serving our schools and our hospital. Between our school feeding programs and our hospital, we require 7,000 litres of water every day! This will provide more than 250,000 litres of water storage that will get us through the long dry seasons that our region of Uganda faces.

Our school buildings that are all 30 years old are in desperate need of renovation. Roofs are leaking, walls are crumbling. We have graduated thousands of kids out of our schools, and we want to educate thousands more! In 2018 we had 41 students graduate from our program with various degrees; doctors, lawyers, teachers, mechanics, etc. Funds from the Village Church Golf Tournament will allow us to continue this trend of building up the next generation of strong Christian leaders in Uganda.

All this and more will enable us and our leaders in Kibaale, Uganda to care for this community in a more holistic way. And continue to have an impact on Uganda for the next 30 years!”

Jeff Dyck, Kuwasha Executive Director

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