Parent/Child Dedications

As the bedrock of society, it is vital that we help develop and support families that raise children and shape their homes in ways that focus on Jesus and the gospel, bringing glory to God. Every parent wants to raise kids right—but every parent carries the question, “How do I do that?”

Parenting and raising our children starts with us as parents being on the right track. As part of our parent dedication process, we take a one hour session to introduce what the Bible says about raising kids who love Jesus, explain how Village Church can support you as parents, give you helpful reading material, introduce what Village Kids is all about and how we can help with your child’s growth and spiritual development. After taking this step, parents appear in front of the church during a Sunday gathering, with their kids, to publicly declare their commitment to raise their children in a gospel-centered way. It also gives the church the opportunity to commit to ensuring a safe, nurturing environment where the Word of God is taught and lived out.

Upcoming Dedications

Dedication on Sunday February 18

– Dedication Class Monday Feb 12 on Zoom (7pm)

Dedication on Sunday June 16

– Dedication Class Monday June 10 on Zoom (7pm)

Dedication on Sunday October 20

– Dedication Class on Monday October 14 on Zoom (7pm)


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