Village Church Counselling Podcast

Join us as we engage with life from a Biblical and psychological perspective. The Village Church Counselling Podcast will build your understanding of relatable topics, as well as give practical help in these areas for your everyday life.


Anything Goes Village Podcast

For our Anything Goes sermon series last fall, we had hundreds of questions submitted and, obviously, we didn’t have time to address most of them. We wanted to be able to answer more of those questions, so here it goes!


Village Youth Podcast

This is the Village Youth Podcast. Our culture has a lot of messages. What if we could see these messages through they eyes of teenagers? What if instead of assuming what students are thinking we heard it first hand? What if instead of always trying to teach students about things we let them teach us? That is the goal of this show. We will be posting our sermons from our weekly services and interviewing students on a vast array of topics. Join in to our conversation.


The Collective

Village Young Adults Podcast

This is the Village Church Young Adult sermon podcast.

Village Talks

Pastor Mark Clark hosts the Village Talks podcast show. This is not your typical church podcast. We don’t shy away from the tough questions and topics as we explore theology, leadership, and culture. We even address current headlines and talk creative church strategies. We interview all sorts of interesting people from all walks of life, digging into their stories to mine for the stuff that we can all learn from.