Freedom Session

Freedom Session Foundations

Freedom Session Foundations is for everyone beyond high school. 

We all have hurts, unresolved conflicts, and unhealthy ways to cope when facing the pain in our lives. Often without realizing it, we justify and minimize the behaviours that offend those closest to us, those we love.

Freedom Session Foundations is a 21-week intensive healing discipleship program that uncovers the roots of pain in our lives and invites Jesus Christ to heal them.

Freedom Session Foundations deals with real issues, whatever your real-life issues might be: strained relationships, feelings of not being good enough, anger, perfectionism, depression, control, shame, guilt, pornography, sexual woundedness, addictions, and more. Beneath these symptoms, you will find a wounded and empty heart longing for hope and meaning. 

As you step into this journey and allow Jesus to heal your heart, the destructive coping you use to escape pain and avoid conflict becomes less and less attractive.  

Let Jesus help you face your pains in healthier ways.  Make this the year you step free from whatever holds you back from the abundant life Jesus Christ offers you!

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Authentic Living

What does living an authentic life in Christ actually look like?

The Authentic Living course is the map and tools you need to help you find and apply the answers to that question for your own life. 

Authentic Living is an 11-week course that can either be done as a stand-alone program or a follow-up to the Freedom Session Foundations course. It is grounded in teaching participants practical, actionable ways to live authentically with Christ. 

This course is not a journey to be taken lightly. There are no shortcuts or quick fixes to getting the answers or solutions to life’s problems. It is a course for Christians who want to go beyond the surface of their faith and figure out what it actually means to live their life fully devoted to Jesus. 

Authentic Living is not a passive teaching series but requires intense dedication, commitment, and raw honesty with yourself and your group. This course has been intentionally created to guide you into sustainable life practices that will help you move forward in freedom and have a flourishing relationship with Christ and others. 

If you are passionate about discovering the abundant life Jesus promises, then Authentic Living is for you. If you are a Christian desperately seeking to know God’s will for your life, then Authentic Living is for you. 

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