Why Vancouver?

Vancouver has around 18,837 inhabitants per square kilometre (Toronto 16,500 and Manhattan 23,000), making it the most densely populated downtown and city in Canada. This means that in order to reach just 10% of the downtown population, you would need a church with 1,884 attendees every square kilometre.

Why is this significant? Because there is more of the image of God per square kilometre in Vancouver than anywhere else in Canada, Vancouver needs more churches to reach them all. More people means more churches; it’s simple. The only way to reach a city becoming increasingly hostile towards the gospel is through churches.

We are planting in Vancouver in partnership with God and all he has done and will continue to do through Village Church. We live this out by prioritizing three things: gospel, community, and culture.

Will you join us in our mission to see more people become fully devoted followers of Jesus in Vancouver City?