City Impact

A part of the mission of Village Church is serving the needs of Winnipeg. All of our projects are done by joining current organizations that are doing incredible work in our communities. We believe strong partnerships allow us to have the greatest local impact. We have partnered with key ministries that have dedicated their efforts to relieving real needs across our city.

Explore the City Impact partners we are working alongside and join in the mission!


English Practice Club (EPC)

English Practice Club is a program that assists students new to Canada in practicing their English language skills. The program offers open discussions on various topics related to faith and life, allowing students to practice their communication skills in a comfortable and welcoming environment. The program is conducted in partnership with Providence University College – Downtown Campus, which supports the initiative.

Safe Families

Child welfare agencies are required by law to intervene when children are subjected to abuse or neglect, but many families facing financial crisis, unemployment, or illness may not meet the threshold for government intervention. Traditionally, extended family or neighbours would help in these situations, but social isolation and lack of extended family support make this difficult. Safe Families offers a solution by allowing parents to voluntarily place their children with Safe Families during times of crisis while retaining custody. Safe Families volunteers are motivated by their Christian faith and serve without compensation.