Village Calgary Serving Opportunities

Village Church operates on the commitment of incredible volunteer-teams who serve Jesus and each other by using their time, energy, and gifts to make church happen. It’s our hope that everyone who calls Village home would serve in at least one area of ministry to grow in their relationship with Jesus and connect with other people in our community. Below are descriptions of each of the areas that you can serve in, so fill out any form you’d like and let us know where and when you’d like to get involved. Whatever interests and strengths you have, you can use them to contribute to what’s happening in our community.

Village Kids

As a church, we want children to meet Jesus, learn the gospel, and be transformed. Village Kids is where that can often start, and we appreciate your desire to be involved! One of our biggest priorities in Village Kids is safety. In line with that, we require all volunteers to comply with the following requirements:

  • Fill out our mandatory online Village Kids Volunteer Application (below)
  • Meet with a Village Kids leader for a personal interview
  • Once approved, have a Criminal Record Check completed (more details will be provided after the interview is complete)
  • Attend an annual training to cover safety, expectations, and policies. A brief orientation and overview will be provided interim.

When you're ready to sign up, click the button below to serve in Village Kids at Village Calgary!

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Hospitality volunteers welcome people at Sunday gatherings, help them find their way, and provide the information they need to get connected and involved at Village Church. If you’re a people person and you'd love to help with greeting, mingling, and connect desk, serving in this ministry is for you!

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House Management

House Management is all about making sure our guests are comfortable and safe during the service, and the venue site is secure. That includes ushering, security, and medical response. If you have experience or interest in any of those areas, this is the spot for you to serve!

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The Transformation team includes both Production and Site Management. That means Transformation volunteers work behind the scenes to make sure that all service related sound and visual equipment are unloaded, set up, and operated at each gathering. They also set up and tear down indoor and outdoor signage and any other equipment for each gathering. If you're a “hands on” or tech-savvy kind of person who loves getting work done, and you have the ability to lift and carry equipment around and work efficiently, this is the ministry to join. No extensive experience necessary, just willing hearts needed.

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Media & Storytelling

Media and Storytelling is a big part of how we share what's happening at Village Church and keep everyone informed and involved (even when they can't make it to a service or an event). It's a great way to share how God is moving and affecting people in our church and our cities. If you're a photographer, or fluent in social media and interviewing and you'd like to help share the story of Village Church, join our photography & social media team!

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