Leader profiles: Ben Hilson

11.13.13 | Leadership

    “I want to live a life that matters.”

    Have a conversation with our Student Ministries Director Ben Hilson for five minutes and you’ll learn that he is well equipped for the challenge set before him: to see pre-teens, teens, and young adults in our city transformed into fully devoted followers of Jesus.

    Ben is a missionary at heart and champions prayer as the basis for ministry. He has been married to his wife Nicole for five years and they have two children, Xavi and Mason.

    Ben first learned about mission and prayer from his parents who moved to Canada in 1992 to share the gospel with Sikhs and Muslims in Surrey and the Greater Vancouver Area. As Ben would tell you, the Hilson family has always lived and breathed reliance on Jesus.

    How did Ben get involved in ministry?

    Ben’s career aspirations didn’t involve formal ministry until after his teenage years. From age five until about eighteen Ben had his hopes set on being in the NBA. In fact, it’s likely that part of him still longs to be starting point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers.

    But in 2009 a significant shift occurred in Ben’s life when he and Nicole suddenly lost a friend who had been travelling in Australia. Ben remembers being at the funeral for this friend whose life had been such a tangible example of what it is to follow Jesus, and hearing God ask him, “Ben, what are you doing with your life?”

    In that moment Ben answered, “I want to live a life that matters.”

    After working out the implications of this exchange, Ben enrolled at Columbia Bible School and began working at The Way Community Church in Richmond. It was here that he discovered a passion for preaching the gospel and reaching out to youth and young adults.

    Ben cites prayer, reading scripture about spiritual heavyweights like David, Joshua, and Moses, mentorship, D.L. Moody’s theology, and Carl Lentz’s and Judah Smith’s sermons as formative influences in this season of his life.

    What is Ben’s role at Village Church?

    Ben is now the Student Ministries Director at Village Church and believes youth and young adults will come to hope for what you give them. He has resolved to provide students with an environment packed with engaging preaching, worship, community, gifted leaders, and mission-oriented outreach events. He believes this context will most equip students to be on mission in our city and constantly reaching out to peers that don’t know Jesus.

    In Ben’s own words, “It’s never too early to start teaching students about the gospel and empowering them to be on mission for Jesus. We want to build a culture that allows students to meet Jesus and give their life to him.” He also makes developing leaders a priority and focuses on discipling his current core group of 32 volunteers.

    The most recent development in Ben’s role is that he is now directing our Young Adult Ministry. Suffice it to say, he is excited about developing this new program and looking forward to see how God is going to continue working within this age group.

    As you can imagine, we are thankful to have Ben leading the student ministries at Village Church and can’t wait to watch what God does in his life this year.

    Senior High Youth gathers on Wednesdays at 7:10 PM at various venues and Junior High Youth meets on Thursdays at 7:00 PM at Jessie Lee Elementary. If you are interested in learning more about Village Youth, visit our webpage and contact Ben. You can also check out the Village Youth Facebook page here and follow Ben on Twitter.

    This is Village Church. Youth and young adults are being transformed.