How do I edit my giving?

Log into Pushpay here to update your personal info, giving amount or frequency, card number, expiry, etc.

If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact our Finance Administrator here.

What is Pushpay and is it secure?

Pushpay is the industry-leading financial giving platform that we use to enable you to give a one-time contribution, or schedule recurring giving using your Visa/MC debit or credit card. Pushpay is extremely secure – but see for yourself here. You can also review their applicable Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.


How do I view my giving?

To access your giving statement online, log into your Village Connect account here. If this is your first time visiting Village Connect, click Sign Up and follow the prompts. If you need any assistance logging into your account, click here.


Will I receive a giving statement?

Yes, we typically email giving statements semi-annually if you have given in that period. Our ability to provide you with a statement is based on having a current email in your profile. Please log in to your Village Connect account to keep your contact information up-to-date.


What is the deadline for annual contributions?

Online transactions must be initiated by 11:59 pm PT on December 31st to be included. Cash and check contributions must be received or postmarked by December 31st to be included as a gift for that year.

Can I give if I live in the United States or another country?

Yes – absolutely! If you are located in the US – click here to give. You will receive an annual US donor receipt for tax deduction purposes.

Individuals from the UK and any other country can give through Pushpay using Visa or Mastercard by clicking here.

When are donation receipts sent out?

Official donation receipts are sent annually to Canadian and US residents by February when your total giving over the previous year is $25 or more. Receipts for lower amounts or international givers can be provided by request.

How much do I get back on my tax return when I give?

Your tax credits for charitable donations above $200 reduce the cost of your gift by almost one-half. In BC, for example, that means a $1,000 gift only costs $563 – meaning you receive $437 back.

Use this handy calculator to see how much of a donation you get back based on the amount and province you live in.

What happens to excess donations to restricted funds?

Restricted donations will first be expended for the designated use, but any excess after covering the expenses can be used for general purposes.

Do you offer financial classes or mentorship?

Yes, we offer a Financial Discipleship Course full of practical teachings and tools on how to manage your money. In addition, we also offer one-on-one financial mentorship where you can work with a trained team member. Contact one of the staff at your particular site for more information.

How can I give assets to the church?

Please feel free to contact us at or during business hours at 604.560.5577 with any questions about giving assets to Village Church.

Can you explain this tax credit thing in more detail?

Federal and provincial government tax incentives encourage individuals to support the charities they are most excited about. However, many people underestimate the actual value of these incentives, in part because federal and provincial tax credits are calculated separately, not as one total amount on your individual tax return.

‍Let’s explain using a BC resident as an example:

If you earn a salary: Federal and Provincial income tax is deducted from every paycheque.  If you want some of that income tax refunded, you need Tax Credits. If you had $10,000 in Income Tax deducted from your pay but had a Tax Credit of $4,500 that you could claim, you would get that amount of money back in cash from the government.

If you have income from other sources (Interest, Tips, Personal Business Revenue etc.): At the end of the year, you have to pay income tax on those earnings. To reduce the amount of money that you have to pay, you need Tax Credits. If you owe $8,000 in taxes but have a Tax Credit of $3,000, you reduce the amount you owe to the government by that amount. In other words, you get to keep a portion of what you would otherwise owe.

Another way to look at it in both scenarios is that by giving, you take the money that the Government would otherwise keep and direct it to Village Church instead. Use this handy calculator to see how much of a donation you get back based on the amount and province you live in.

How is a charitable donation tax credit calculated?

As an example, for BC residents:

⦁ For the first $200 of donations claimed, the combined tax credit totals 20.06% (15% federal plus 5.06% provincial) which = $40.12

⦁ All donations after the first $200 get a combined tax credit totaling 43.7% (29% federal and 14.7% provincial) of the amount donated.

* The Provincial % portion is different depending on where you reside.

** The total charitable donations claimed for a calendar year cannot exceed 75% of your net income. If your donations exceed this 75% limit, you can claim the remaining donations on tax returns during any of the next five years.

Use this handy calculator to see how much of a donation you get back based on the amount and province you live in.