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Langley Cineplex
20090 91a Ave, Langley, BC



Jesus Doesn’t Have Restrictions

Passage: John 8:12-20
Speaker: Victor Maynard
Series: The Gospel of John


Taelor’s Story

“I may have a plan of where I want to go, but ultimately he’ll put me on the right path and lead me to places where I’ll show him the most glory.”

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Village Stories

Rick’s Story

"The day I realized I could receive forgiveness, my entire life went from feeling like nothing to feeling like I was on top of the world."

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Village Stories

Bethany’s Story

"Being confident in who Jesus has made me to be, even if I don't know what exactly that is yet..."

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Village Stories

Brandon’s Story

“God has given me purpose and meaning. People are yearning for Jesus and they don’t know it and I didn’t know it. It’s not only saved my life, it's given me true life.”

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