Village 2021 Step 2: Examine

09.25.17 | Mission | by Mark Clark

    Last week we dedicated the week to praying about what God would have us give to the Village 2021 campaign. I hope it was a meaningful time of connecting with the Lord around this important decision in all our lives. This week is step two: EXAMINE.

    Examine your financial situation as a person, a couple, or a family as you continue to PRAY. This would include not only money you may have in the bank, but also investments, stocks, property you may own, RRSP's, and other assets.

    What does sacrificial and radical giving look like when we take all of these into account in our lives? How can we invest the amazing resources God has given to us into something that has eternal significance? Something that builds a legacy for generations? 

    As we have said, this opportunity to give and purchase this land is for every one of us, no matter our financial status. We will all get to play an enormously important part in this project. I continue to hear amazing stories of how God is speaking to us as a church around this project and I am excited to see it continue as the days and weeks go on. This is what being the church, not just an autonomous individual, is all about.

    There are some things we get to do, even as the modern church, that are the same as the early church, and this is one of them. This is what's fun about all of this. The early church gave radically, they sold stuff even, in order to bring their resources together toward a common goal -- the most important common goal -- advancing the gospel in the world.

    "And all who believed were together and had all things in common. And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all." Acts 2:44-45

    They were selling in order to invest in kingdom work -- meeting the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of one another, and the world around them. In this season, that is what we get the opportunity to do in a focused way. What a great time to be alive and on mission, and see the Spirit move in us and around us through our generosity. What a witness it will be to the world, when all of us come together to hit this God-sized goal!