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3 Essentials to Discovering Your Purpose

We are created intentionally, intelligently, and with intrinsic value. But we question our worth and try to find our meaning and purpose through comparison. The digital world fuels our innate longing for identity and purpose by providing an unending opportunity for comparison, conformity, and escape from the real challenges, disappointments, monotony, and pain of everyday living.

But God’s word provides an alternative to the fake digital avatars we’re tempted to create. Instead, he offers us insight into our true identity in our creator and our greater purpose as stewards of God’s love, goodness, and grace to the world.

God created you for a reason. Your true purpose can only be found in his presence, purpose, and power.

“You can’t think about what you’re going to do without having a clear understanding of who you actually are.” Finu Iype

1. God’s Presence

“There’s nothing wrong with understanding yourself, but if you’re consumed by you, you forget that there’s a greater purpose that God has for your life.”
Finu Iype

Understanding who you are is important, but we can often get lost in self-discovery, forgetting that while who you are matters, whose you are matters even more.

When we seek meaning, purpose, and understanding in the world, we become no better than a data point lost in the technological world that seeks to commodify and conform us. We are led into self-consumption and disappointment when we look to others, the world, and social media for meaning.

“God created every part of you beautiful, perfect, the way you are. But digital media forces us to look a certain way.”
Finu Iype

We will never measure up to the perfectly curated images the digital world forces upon us. But when we look to the presence of God, when we seek him in an effort to find us, we discover who we truly are.

2. God’s Purpose

“You were placed on the earth for a purpose. To represent God and care for his creation.”
Finu Iype

You are here for a reason. Your purpose is rooted in God’s purpose for you. We have a mission on earth that is far beyond the mindless pursuit of pleasure. We will discover true meaning in our lives when we replace the pursuit of pleasure with the pursuit of purpose, God’s purpose for us. When we are immersed in the digital world, we become enslaved to the pursuit of worldly pleasure and lose touch with the very specific purpose God created each of us for.

“Look around you and ask what you can do with your time, talent, and what God has given you.”
Finu Iype

What legacy are you going to leave? How are you serving God and his people?

“Living on purpose, serving our nation, our communities, our city, that we make a difference in the lives of the people around us, and not focus on us, but focus on God’s purpose, that’s what matters.”
Finu Iype

You can only begin to discover God’s purpose for you when you spend time in his word and in prayer and contemplation.

3. God’s Power

“When you surrender your life to God, watch and see what God can do through your life.”
Finu Iype

When we find freedom through Christ, we are empowered to live out God’s purpose for us. God created us for greatness, and when we live each day expecting greatness and surrendering to his purpose, we get to live the life he intended for us.

If you want to discover your purpose, you must be present before God, fully surrender to him and his purpose, and allow his power to strengthen and guide you.

Reading: Genesis 1:26-28
Watch the “Your Purpose” sermon here.

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