Kieran Verghese

Family Ministries Associate

Kieran was born in Malaysia, soaking up sun and warmth before he and his family moved to Edmonton at the age of five. Growing up, he spent a lot of time with his church youth group and volunteered at summer camps throughout high school. He was later hired by them when he started university studying education. This is where he eventually started dating his favourite person, Haya (spoiler alert, they get married). 

Kieran completed his schooling but couldn’t shake his love of full-time ministry, and decided to continue his studies in bible college. He is currently working towards completing his Master’s of Theological Studies and absolutely loves talking about it to anyone who’s interested. 

Kieran and Haya passionately served at their church since graduating from Education, but God started to open doors to working in BC. Over a few prayerful weeks, they decided to apply to Village Church, pack up, and head to the Lower Mainland. There are people to reach, and they can’t wait to be part of God’s work of transforming lives.

Kieran uses board games, long boarding, and photography as props for connection and would love to explore more. He also loves exploring restaurants and cafes he can take Haya to and is always looking for recommendations.