BY Nicole Cotter

Your Village Story

At Village Church, we believe that the stories God writes are powerful. In Scripture, we read many accounts of ordinary people who God uses in order to reveal his character and redemptive plan for humanity. We believe that God is also writing a story in each of our lives. When we share the stories of how God is working in our church, and around the world, we do so to remind ourselves of God’s goodness, and to reveal Jesus.

Brandon Deepwell is one of the lead filmmakers at Village Church. What excites him the most about telling stories at Village, is getting a front-row seat to God’s amazing transformation and healing in people’s lives. “Hearing these stories first-hand is a reminder that God still performs miracles today. These stories have deepened my faith and trust, reminding me that God is in control of everything and everyone’s story,” he says.

We always want to be encouraged by how God is working in the people of Village Church. Why share your story? Brandon’s encouragement is to let God use our weaknesses to make us relatable to others who might be struggling, and to show how he can do amazing work in our lives: “People often ask me, ‘Why are you sharing my story? It’s not that good.’ I think we often underestimate our personal testimonies, and the impact that they can have for the gospel.”

If you have a story of how God has impacted your life, please consider sharing it with our team.

Share Your Story

Village Stories are created in collaboration with a team of writers, filmmakers, photographers, and artists. Everyone involved in the creative process brings their own unique voice, experiences, and excellence in work, to be used for the glory of God. Volunteers serving in storytelling not only get the privilege to enter into amazing stories of gospel transformation, but they also gain professional media experience.

On the impact of storytelling Brandon says, “I have been blessed and humbled to be a part of the Storytelling Team at Village Church, to help share how God is actively working in people’s lives, not only locally but globally as well. When thousands of people see the stories we create, we truly don’t know the full impact it will have for the Kingdom. I like to think that if one person sees a film I made and gives their life to Jesus, then I used my talent the way I’m supposed to. All the time and effort I put into it was worth it.” 

If you have an interest in sharing or developing your skills in writing or media production, there is a place for you on the Village Stories Team! Connect with us today to learn more about the various opportunities available.


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