By Nicole Cotter

Ted’s Baptism

After watching the baptisms at Church in the Park in 2018, Ted Taylor and his children knew they wanted to be baptized at the 2019 service. A few months later, Ted was diagnosed with an aggressive and rare type of brain cancer. The next few months would prove to be a huge challenge for his family. This, however, was not the first struggle the Taylor family had faced.

In the summer of 2012, Ted’s children were suddenly and unexpectedly taken. He spent the next year and a half getting them back to safety. “They went through a lot during that time. Some abuse had gone on. That was very difficult for all of them,” Ted says. In the process, Ted lost everything, including his house, job, and sense of identity. “You’re just so devastated, and everything’s gone. Everything that you thought was of such value… you’re brought down to just the crucible form of yourself.” Through much prayer and support, Ted’s children were finally brought back to him. 

In late 2018, doctors had given Ted a sobering outlook for his diagnosis. Only 5% of people with his type of cancer live beyond two years. He says, “With three kids, and being a single father, this was extremely tough news. The thought of all the things that I would miss in their lives hit hard. I knew it would be extremely difficult on them.” Ted knew he needed a miracle. 

‘Pray for Ted’s Miracle’ became a saying that was shared amongst his family and friends while offering prayer and support. “We were all searching for information and possibilities that may help to extend my life, and possibly find a way to get into that 3 or 4 percent group of people who live for five years or longer.” Ted came to learn of a new drug trial that was having success in treating his specific cancer, but he would need to have a certain gene marker in order to qualify, and for it to be effective. Only 1% of people with cancer will have this rare marker. After getting tested, Ted learned he did possess the marker and was quickly approved for the treatment.

The miracle he was praying for was clearly unfolding. Ted says, ”To be one of the 1% of people who have the marker even to be approved by Health Canada, and for my body to accept the drug, is nothing short of the beginning of a miracle. Just the math on the only two calculations we can make means the odds are five one hundred thousands of a percent.” While the treatments have been very effective, he is still at risk for the cancer to progress further.

But Ted is trusting in God’s plan for his life. “I just have full faith in what he has in store,” Ted says. “You know we don’t see the big picture – we see through a microscopic view of our lens, and sometimes people will look at it as though it’s unfair. But from God’s standpoint, this all makes sense. And it may affect my kids, and it may be difficult on them, but it’s all part of what he has in store for them.”

Ted’s diagnosis added extra importance to his desire to be baptized with his family. “Declaring Christianity as my faith is important to me. The kids expressed over the last few years that they wanted to be baptized as well. And then with my diagnosis, it put a fine edge on it.” On July 28, 2019, Ted and his three children were the first to be baptized at Church in the Park.

Ted hopes that God will use his story of miracles to encourage others. “I think the grace that we can show, being your own best advocate, and staying on course can make a big difference to others: It isn’t hopeless.”

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