BY Kaitlyn Weinberger

Uganda Impact Team Update

At the end of April, we had a medical team visit our partner Kuwasha to work alongside their clinic staff! We are thankful for the medical personnel who hosted our nurses for two weeks and allowed them to join in on:

  • Home visits for medical checks and the new intake of nursery students.
  • A medical outreach clinic in a nearby village with the Kibaale Community Centre Clinic where they saw 190 people!
  • The weekly vaccine outreach the KCC staff does in other local villages.
  • Hosting an eyeglass clinic using the Global Vision 2020 kit, provided by the previous team we sent and tested 40 people for eyeglasses! Proper sight is crucial for job opportunities for adults and doing well in school for young people yet, the World Health Organization says 800 million people in the world lack access to eyeglasses.

The local staff taught the team a lot about providing medical care in a rural context, addressing potentially fatal diseases like malaria, and how they love the communities they serve. It is important for the people on our teams to be learners more than teachers in the places we visit, no matter what skillset or accreditation. This posture creates an environment where mutually transformative relationships can occur.

The nurses on the team with a maternity background spent time assisting with antenatal/prenatal visits, providing labour and delivery support, and post-partum care in the new maternity ward.

Two nurses with emergency backgrounds were placed in the inpatient ward and helped with patient assessments and giving treatments or wound care to inpatients. It was exciting because this was our first medical team to visit the hospital since we funded its build through our 2019 Golf Tournament. The building was completed fall of 2020, during the pandemic. 

“Seeing the village-funded clinic in action meant EVERYTHING! It was especially exciting for those of us who had seen it before and could appreciate just how much more KCC is able to support their community because of the addition of a maternity unit and overnight ward. The clinic staff are so proud of where they work and the care they provide for the community there. It is so encouraging to see firsthand how clearly and directly the contribution by Village to this clinic is impacting so many lives. Our team experienced transformation as we were so warmly welcomed and impacted by witnessing how hard the staff work to provide quality care for their community.” 

– Mary, Team Leader

The team with the clinic staff for a dinner celebration!

If you were a part of our 2019 Golf Tournament through serving, golfing, donations, or giving, thank you! You were a part of expanding the capacity for life-saving work in Kibaale, Uganda, through a staff team who are proud of where they get to work. This health care facility will impact the community of 85,000 people for generations to come!

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